X230 Vdimm control

the silly way!

Just give me the schematics!

... ok. (if you cannot see the images properly click on them.)

cut the via connecting the two pads on R850, put a 4 ohm resistor across them, connect a switch to ground and a 16ohm resistor, connect the 470ohm variable resistor to the 16 ohm resisor and on the other side to the right pad of R850 (looking at it with the spi chips closer to you).


because we can run XMPs on the laptop thanks to coreboot and if we really want to flash our own XMPs allowing memory overclocking

Do I need to be careful of anything?

make absolutely certain that the sense is never open from the voltage it is sensing, that would result in the memory and probably board dying.

Can you help me with the mod/figure out how to do this on another machine?

absolutely not.

I am unsure, should I do this?


Was this even useful?

I made a quick test with Dual Channel Dual Rank 2Gbit CFR which doesn't really scale much and I went from not posting (reading 1.55v on dmm) to booting and not being stable at all at 1.7v and finally being stable enough to download, install AIDA and run it at around 1.8v

Dual Rank Hynix CFR benchmarked on AIDA64 cachemem at 1.8v on the X230 running at 2200-9-12-9-24 2T and getting 28.9GB/s read, 32.8GB/s write, 29.4GB/s copy and 67.2ns latency

Can this be improved?

yes it can, it's likely possible to get VCCSA control which should help a lot with high frequency.

NOTE: You also obviously do this at your own risk and I am not responsable for anything that you might break.

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