NOTE: this is a very old post.

Today I have another adventure and quite an exciting one, I got an x32 on eBay

the poor thing had quite the issue, the ec had corroded traces, after trying to recover them I realized that it wasn't gonna work.

So looking some more on eBay I found a dirt cheap x31 motherboard and it looked like it fit, so I ordered it.

A week later I got my board on the mail, reassembled the now frankenpad and turned it on... But I got greeted with an error 1802

I gave up for a couple months of trial and eventually I stumbled upon

The first thing I did upon finding it was of course make a FreeDOS usb flashdrive and run the and what do you know it actually worked.

hope you found the file useful for your frankenpads or other projects and make sure to run the file without a wifi card inserted

here's your navigation buttons, as much as I find them silly.

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