This is a guide on how to mod the bios of all Skylake ThinkPads(xx40-xx80)

Step Zero:

Dump your bios, I suggest using a ch341a and flashrom

Step One:

Download the right patches from here

Step Two:

Download UEFIPatch from here

Step Three:

Download your hex editor of choice

Step Four:

Run the command ./UEFIPatch bios.rom patches.txt

Step Five:

Open your Hex editor and replace 4C 4E 56 42 42 53 45 43 FB with 4C 4E 56 42 42 53 45 43 FF on the previously patched bios.

Step Six:

Flash it

NOTE: I only found step five, the patches were made by xx and digmorepaka just cleaned it all up. You also obviously do this at your own risk and I am not responsable for anything that you might break.

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